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Re: Is Aikiweb an open Aikido Forum ? Or is it a

Attilio Anthony John Wagstaffe wrote: View Post
You wouldn't know Graham. If you look closely you will see that is quite easy to block the jo at that particular point, try it sometime....
If you have the bottle....
You see none of it was set up... I just told those students to come in as they wanted and see what they could do with it, it didn't matter whether it was wrong or right, it's called experimentation, something you only do with your Daddy.....?
Hahaha. Tony: your inferiority complex is absurd.
I've had less compliance than displayed by your aiki-bunnies when playfighting (I loved the one bit where the guy does a weird running punch thing; i've not yet learned that in Muay Thai...).
It's called 'Not being humoured so you can save face.'; try it some time - if you have the bottle.

You caught a jo, going full-speed in a shomen strike, with your hand. That's stupid, and only worked because - as with everything in that video - your ukes are ultra-compliant (ironically).
I wonder if you can cite a respected weapons teacher who trains people to do that, as it's safe, and effective...

I see no connection to uke in any of your techniques; no relaxation in your posture; your ma-ai during the weapons work is non-existent - as is the power in your strikes; and after you throw someone, you frequently stumble and have to regain your balance: bad aikido.

If you fail even in a no pressure, compliant situation such as this, then how are you expected to succeed in a pressurised, non-compliant scenario?

Take care.
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