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Re: Tanto Practice - Is true Aikido effective for disarming?

William Hazen wrote: View Post
That is the main reason I hope you continue to "seek a better way" of doing things. I applaud your efforts and your own personal journey in this regard. I too spend my time in Aikido "seeking a better way" It is a core philosophy of our practice.
On any other day I applaud Chris's mindset as well-it was/is my own. I just see some flaws in the logic of the approach is all

In that regard One of these days I hope to learn from Dan Hardin or one of his students about Aiki. It can only make our/my Aikido better.
Some folks would argue that this is not "true" Aikido. It is something different. I would strongly disagree.
See you on the mat one of these days.
William Hazen
Well, unless they are lying to my face (always a possibility) Those I meet tells me either:
a) in their view this is the aiki in aikido and or Daito ryu
b) they don't really know (or even care) what the aiki in aikido or Daito ryu was supposed to be, but they want what I am doing anyway.
c) This is the power in their "X" art.
I'm just me. I no longer care about the what or where anymore either.
And William, it's Harden not Hardin.
Hope to see ya this fall when I come back to Calif.
All the best

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