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Re: Is Aikiweb an open Aikido Forum ? Or is it a

Attilio Anthony John Wagstaffe wrote: View Post
Do you mean over sensitivity Matt? I suppose it's like somebody that takes their "painting" to the Louvre in Paris, thinking it's really wonderful only to find out that nobody is bothering to look at it and wondering why? He/she overhears a conversation amongst some art critics who are saying that this not art, it is rubbish.... Whisperings in the back ground upset the the painter..... but alas he/she is not deterred.....Anyways a little while later some "common" folk come along and are all looking at it ooohing and aaaghing saying what a lovely interesting painting it is having no idea as to what "art" is suppose to be all about? They move on to the next painting which is by Picasso and they all say "Blimey my kid could do better than that"
The "Art critics" are disgusted at the "common people" and turn their noses up in horror because these "common people" can't see where the "art" is?

I suppose the simplicity is in the way I think and see as it all is far too obvious, it is just like those "common" people as it is too much to bear for these "art critiques" so they turn their noses up at it and remain in their clique as the art critiques, but are unable to paint or do a work of art themselves.....

Hi Tony,
Some of it might be over-sensitivity, but I hesitate to say so because I really don't know anyone here. It's too relative, to my mind. If you can say they're being over sensitive, they can just as easily say you're lacking sensitivity. So I prefer to think of it as simply being a matter of different expectations brought on by what feels normal to us...which is conditioned from how we're raised and how we've lived so far.
The question to my mind is: to what degree are people willing to adjust their mannerisms to suit the situation? And why? If people are feeling insulted by my choice in language I almost always adjust my bahavior, but while being clear (I hope) of where I stand. My beliefs are mine regardless of how I express them, so I often look to be able to express them in different ways when i think it will make them more easily received.
I've been trying to write this post for an hour now, but my 2-year old is a demanding little cuss. I'll try to come back to it a bit later because I'm not feeling at all organized with what I'm trying to say, but here's a start.
Take it easy!