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Re: Is Aikiweb an open Aikido Forum ? Or is it a

Jun Akiyama wrote: View Post
Once again:

Just a quick reminder to please keep your discussions directed toward the topic rather than directed towards the people behind the topic. Let's refrain from making things personal, shall we?

-- Jun
Hey Jun, much as your post is to get people to lighten up, it's not me who is getting upset here, I just ask why?
It interests me greatly that people can get so worked up about honest, frank points of view or answers.... Sorry I'm so sharp but I am being honest..... Really...
I ask people to show me what they can do and it does not impress me much, or they hide what it is as they are not wanting to show? DH? What's that all about? I'm just looking for the "martial" in their "aikido" or methods, thought and how they arrive at their conclusions, so far a lot of it just doesn't move me, maybe this is where it's all really at?
You tell me?
The impression I get is "aikido" is moving towards a new age philosophical health system with very little to do with "Martial Arts"
I know what your stance is on this so I understand that you may not comment, that is fair enough, it's your site and power to you, but if we can't say things without people going all "snotty" and getting over sensitive, where do we go? If you ban me for life? No big deal, but think how dull it will become because people are too timid to say what they really think..... I just happen to be one of 'em...

Take care......