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Re: Best karate style for aikido?

Henry Ellis wrote: View Post
...Harada Sensei had been a bodyguard to the Emperor.
This is new to me

One time I watched Ueshiba Sensei's Aikido, his real result was throwing someone without touching, so I doubted it but at the same time I was surprised. When I asked Mr.Egami about this, he said what I saw was very real. So I asked Egami -- "If someone attacked me with full power and I came in at the right time with oizuki; would it possible for me to make them fall over without physically touching them?" Egami replied, that he thought it was possible and agitated me to practise and research until I could successfully achieve such a result. His words got me thinking and I remembered what in Yoshitaka's case, he did, when blackbelts attacked him. from Harada sensei's interview.

The full interview is here

It is interesting to know that Shigeru Egami, the late chief instructor of Shotokai Japan had also trained with Noriaki Inoue, O Sensei's nephew (Aikido's forgotten pioneer).
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