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Re: Is Aikiweb an open Aikido Forum ? Or is it a

Is Aiki Web an Open Forum?

No. It is essentially a gift to the Aiki world from a private party, who has wisely and appropriately set guidelines and conditions for its accessibility and its usage by the public. It is the creation and inspiration of one Jun Akiyama, who deserves immense respect and gratitude for granting us this opportunity to share online, our most profound observations, along with our most frivolous and inane misconceptions of what we all profess to love, Ueshiba Aikido.

Per Wikipedia, an “open forum” is essentially synonymous with a “public forum”, being open to all expressions while protected by the First Amendment. Since most public forums are monitored and scrutinized by our Federal Government in one form or another, this definition certainly does not apply to the phenomenon we know as “Aiki Web”. Rather, it is a labor of love by one inspired and talented individual, and remains predominantly his to do with as he wills, with all due respect to laws and customs not withstanding.

Since it is a forum open to the public, all manner of visitors may be observed there. If some appear “cliquish”, so what. If some betray deep seated opinions on certain topics, bravo for them. If the majority choose to remain silent and aloof from the fray of verbal jousting, this is not necessarily proof of disinterest or disdain, nor even of tacit approval of all that is presented. If certain individuals choose to disrespect or dishonor the intent of this forum, consequences should and do apply. Grow up already!

It is not necessary or reasonable to react or respond to every post. I reserve the option of which conversations to join, and which ones to leave alone. Even the responses I gratefully receive from what I may write, do not define me in any way, regardless of positive or negative content. I appreciate it all, even the responses or rejoinders that I will never receive.

I remain grateful to Aiki Web, its founder, the magnificent array of masterful writers who post, and to the greater supportive public that makes it all worth much more than I could ever invest in it. To date, it is one of the greatest privileges I have ever received to be a part of such an open and welcoming activity. Thank you Jun!

An open forum? Nah, I simply want this forum to stay open for a very long time.

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