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Re: Is Aikiweb an open Aikido Forum ? Or is it a

Hi folks,

Just a quick reminder to please keep your discussions directed toward the topic rather than directed towards the people behind the topic. Let's refrain from making things personal, shall we?

And, to be quick about this but hopefully to the point: my intention is to have AikiWeb be an open forum where discussions take place in a respectful manner. Disagreements are welcome as are passionate responses -- as long as they are communicated with civility. From my own experiences in 20+ years of online discussions, it sure seems like deeper and more meaningful discussions take place within the purview of respectful dialogue than from a "free-for-all." As an aside, perhaps, when I do take moderator action, it is usually due to the tone being employed becoming disrespectful -- not due to the humor, disagreements, and/or the differing opinions presented within the posts. The latter are welcome; the former, not so much.

Back to nursing an ill server (bad sectors within a RAID-6, ugh)...

-- Jun

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