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Tony Wagstaffe
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Is Aikiweb an open Aikido Forum ? Or is it a

Although I have been away for a month on a ban, I have looked in periodically as an observer...
I see certain groups stick together, they automatically slap each other on the back whatever esoterical/philisophical clap trap they write. If newcomers or even fairly long term members (like myself?) say a word out of line, a bit of hard, but harmless ribbing, or make or post a joke, or a youtube link as part of that joke, and that joke does not humour the "clique" The " clique"` pounce with a childish wolf pack mentality which does not like, in the least, controversial opinion, fur is ruffled somewhat, as it does not fall in line with their comfortable idealism of "aikido"?
I will most likely get banned again unnecessarily, so who should I suck up to and congratulate every time they post? Should I even go as far as telling Graham Christian (aka known in jest as tea cosy or even Tetley) that I have started collecting his videos or is that just too much?
So I ask again is AikiWebb a "Clique" .....???
I'm sure there are many out there who would really like to know.....