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Bruce Baker
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It is the old training of hitting a swinging heavy bag. Let your heavy bag swing. Try hitting it in various stages of movement. As it moves towards you and loses it momentum your power is increased, until it totally loses momentum and your effort to return it increase its swing and motion.

Aikido does a lot of this same increase in multiplying your strength and the opponents motion.

The other application is the falling log.

Stand a six foot tall piece of wood on end, a four by four should be about right ... be sure to sand off the sharp corners. Now, practice some of the movements of your Aikido class with the log and see what is effective, what is easier to move, and what movements of your body work best?

Two simple tools, and two simple methods of practice in learning to effectively use your body motion, weight, strength to move objects with dissappation of energy.

Hey, Chad, are you going to Morristown for the upcoming seminar?
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