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Re: Tanto Practice - Is true Aikido effective for disarming?

I would like to add Dan That though I agree about most Aikido It really helps that we train with weapons as the basis for our practice and that I bring years of combat training to the equation. The Problem with most practice is (as you mentioned) Martial Mindset which is sorely lacking in most cases. Also you folks should check out James Williams Sensei. His Koryu and combat approach is used by many different LE and SO units.

Knives and Edged Weapons have two components. Physical and Psychological. More often that not the Armed Attacker's Psychological Edge over an opponent makes up for their lack of skill with a blade. Any Practice that does not take this into account and incorporate it into their training might as well not practice it at all. Knife "take aways" should not be something you practice "every once in a while". They should have their own core curriculum within your practice. The difference between a live blade and a wooden tanto is huge and is a factor that must be considered.

The Predator mindset uses this 'fear" factor as it's primary component. If you don't learn to practice, adapt, and blend with the instant "adrenaline dump" you experience in the first minute when someone shows a knife no amount of casual training may help. Predators count on this element of surprise and a good knife fighter won't show his blade until it's half way in your stomach.

William Hazen
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