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Cool Hurting the opponent...

Hi everyone,
I liked your post Chris, just thought Iīd say so.

Hereīs a thought... All this talk about hurting the opponent while defending oneīs self got me thinking. Some people say they donīt care because the guy shouldnīt be attacking me in the first place so if he gets hurt itīs his tough luck. I disagree but thatīs just me. I would like to point out that many people have resorted to using the terminology, "react". I argue that if you react... youīre in trouble. I think everyone should take a long, hard look at what it means to be in a confrontation and think about who wins fights. Itīs usually NOT the guy who reacts but who ACTS. I really enjoyed the post quoting OīSensei. "He sees me before he sees himself, by then Iīm behind him." Does that sound like an action or a reaction... I argue that it is most definately an action. OīSensei made the first move not only by recognizing the attackerīs intent but also by ACTING to neutralize the attack before it started. Another great example might be the fact that your movement in Aikido should begin at the same time or before your opponentīs, not as a reaction to what he does. Reactions donīt work as well and should be avoided at all costs. The mastery of Aikido produces an individual able to fend off multiple attackers by walking through them and meeting them, not by cowering, reacting, or being boxed into a corner. This applies to the original post, in that, to not injure your opponent you must be able to recognize him as an opponent and act to manipulate him in such a way as to not injure him. I donīt know about you people but I think that takes a wee bit more than a year! You may be able to use some technique but to truly apply this "philosophy" is quite difficult. I hope this post was clear and I would really love to hear some thoughts, whether agreeing or otherwise...
At your service,

At your service,
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