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Re: Kids practicing Kotegaeshi

Philip Smith wrote: View Post
I don't get that we have three kids classes a week in my dojo with up to 20 kids on the mat.

No problem at all - even when one got a foot to the nose last week!

I find our kids to be disciplined and enthusiastic. To be frank I get a bit fed up with all the negativity around kids classes - perhaps it's a comment on the instructors willingness not to be bothered with "just kids"
Sorry wrong, kids can't be "bovered" with me.... Maybe I'm too disciplined?
I see some MA clubs and quite honestly it's really a play club with very little instruction in the ma they are doing. I'm just not into that... all the badges and knick knacks, sorry it's just not my scene.....
Probably got something to do with it being an "effluent" area?
I really don't know....
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