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Re: Kids practicing Kotegaeshi

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
Hi Tony,

why? what does health and safety prevent kids from practicing. I have 16 kids in my club and H&S doesn't prevent me from teaching them anything. We have our own rules of engagement and nobody gets damaged.

I know Health and Safety regulations can be blamed for many things, but what is it that prevents you from teaching kids?


Hello Mark,
Commitment is one and parents is another, there is nothing worse than a parent/s who thinks their kids need toughening up. Maybe they should set the example? I used to teach kids and the minority loved it
One tries to make it fun within reason, but kids generally these days are not good on commitment, they seem to be a rarity..... I always had an informal chat with each one on their own to see what it is they want from martial arts, it's surprising what they come up with..... Very few understand what it is they are letting themselves in for....... I always gave them a few free lessons to see if they were going to like it.
There is always one that somehow doesn't fit in no matter what you do to help or encourage. I generally refer them to the local judo club now, if they can cope with judo, then maybe I will entertain it. I don't take anybody under 16 years now and only with the parents or guardians express permission. I also have a chat with the parents to to see what they have to say, it helps me to appraise what they and their child really wants from it.....Maybe you've been lucky so far....?
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