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Re: Shodan exam video

Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
I'd appreciate knowing which style of Aikido this is. Since different styles value different things, I'm going to evaluate it differently based on what that style emphasizes.
Hi Hugh,

I'd be curious to know the lineage of the aikidoka too, but I'm not sure you can evaluate things differently based on 'style'. You are right there are many points of emphasis given by different teachers (even within the same style). Why not evaluate it just for the aikido it is?

Personally I liked what I saw, I think there is much to be commended going on in the grading shown, good timing, circular movement, blending and flow, the attacks are positive and the ukemi looks good. I'd say that it is probably a good indication of the things that this style emphasizes.

I didn't check out all of the vids provided in the second link, but there are some interesting techniques being done with a cord/string as defence (I think it is the last vid in the list) worth checking out if you haven't already.



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