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Re: Tanto Practice - Is true Aikido effective for disarming?

Hey Cliff et al,

Have they been talking about my secret art of Brick-fu in the Hobyokan? I made them all sign a keppan!

Joking aside when people who don't do martial arts ask me what I would do if someone did this or that I usually say pick up a brick and beat them upside the head with it and then run. This gets all kinds of shocked looks because they'd expect me to say something about crane kicks or an MMA move etc. In some ways it is a lot like people who say jo/bo techniques are practical because you can pick up a stick, broom, etc. and use it if you needed to. You can find a broom or long stick anywhere right? Has anyone looked around while they walk down the street for makeshift weapons that you could deploy almost instantly in a situation? There aren't any! Walking my dog (mine is a 15 lbs pekingese... girlfriend's dog is an 80lbs lab-pitbull mix) down my street the other day I really started to think about this. All of the front yards in my neighborhood are fenced off. My best bet would be MAYBE someone has a garden gnome I could reach over and grab. But then how much time would I really have to start reaching into someone's yard before being stabbed, shot or otherwise assaulted?

So this brings be to the 2nd half of my art of brick-fu since I won't likely find a brick lying about: RUN! I think too many people become "what-if warriors" and too many martial arts cater to that. "What if I'm in a dead end alley and can't run and I HAVE to fight them what do I do?" "Oh you do this that and the other moves blah blah blah." Why did you go down a dark deadend alley? It doesn't make sense. Budo should be a heiho and going down a dead end alley or really any alley is not a smart move. Poor heiho. Go to the place with more people, stay on well lit main streets, have some knowledge of where you are even if you only mapquest the area before you go to a new place. Avoid trouble areas and hot spots, look for broken windows in an area and realize that you might want to turn around. Most of us have no reason to be in nasty neighborhoods. First rule of surviving Zombieland (or Knifeworld) is cardio. Another good one: when in doubt know your way out.

Sorry for the rant. Just some thoughts I've been stewing with.

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
I wouldn't at all mind it if a knife-wielding attacker stabbed the brick I picked up to hit him with. In fact, I encourage such behavior.

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