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Re: Name this exercise, and is it beneficial?

Dave Plaza wrote: View Post
Thanks for posting Mathew... That is very interesting.

It wasn't quite like that though, although very similar... If you imagine the man when he picks up the ball... It was like that but without the ball... Like moving whilst holding an imaginary ball.

Cheers anyhow
Hi Dave,
thanks for the reply! I didn't notice it until today. Is the exercise a standing exercise or is there more moving around?
I'm suddenly reminded of a little exercise I've seen my sensei do, which so far seems to be done at hara level. It looks just like he's holding a ball. I believe it's an extension of our shomen uchi practice...or at least that's what it reminds me of. As I recall he rotates by extending out the "pinkie line" (tegatana surface) so the bottom of the "ball" rotates away and up. Later he extends so the top of the "ball" moves forward and down. I really like this exercise because I get the sense it helps me focus on where hara is and how my hands/etc. might affect it (and vice versa). For the first rotation, I like the sinking/settling feeling I get. It makes me feel a little more grounded.
Take care,
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