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Lee Salzman
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Re: Dan Harden April 2011 Workshop Santa Ana, CA

A few curious survey questions for people who were at the Santa Ana workshop this past November and this one (Gary, Keith, or anybody else):

How would you rate or describe your own progress since then, based on the feedback you got from this workshop?
Do you feel, intellectually, you have an idea what you are training into your body now, and it's just a matter of conditioning it in, or do you still feel there are gaps in your understanding that make the nature of the training's purpose unclear by this point?
Relatedly, are you able to manifest the things worked on there now, or was it as much of a struggle as the first time?
What sort of broad structural changes have you made to your aikido training to work on the material in the interstice, if any, in terms of the balance of time allotted now to standard aikido practice and bdoy conditioning?

Wish I could have been there this time, but alas, there's an ocean or two between me and Cali now. I'll settle for a report or two, though.
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