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Michael Varin
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Re: Back to basics?

Mary Malmros wrote:
someone once used the analogy of a spiral staircase to describe the experience of martial arts training -- the idea being that (if you're doing it right) you keep circling back to the same point on the circle, but at a higher level. I like that image.
I like that, too, and have found much truth in that statement.

Paul Araki-Metcalfe wrote:
I strongly believe that the foundation or "secrets" of Aikido lie in the very basics. When I first started Aikido I used to bypass these with speed in my rush and haste to get to the complicated and more senior techniques I so desired. No more. I find my Aikido improves the more I practice and study the basics.
I'd like to know, what do you consider the "very basics" and what do you consider "complicated and more senior techniques"?

"Through aiki we can feel the mind of the enemy who comes to attack and are thus able to respond immediately." - M. Mochizuki
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