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Re: Back to basics?

Hi Paul,

I agree 100% with you. I was talking to one of the guys that trains under me last night after class about Daito-ryu. Before class ended I was doing some throws and such he hadn't seen before. I told him I only understood how to do them after working harder on ippondori (the first kata in mainline Daito-ryu). He was amazed that what I was doing came out of my study of the first kata in the ryu, and one he has learned. When I explained what I was doing and how it was from ippondori he shocked and a little baffled.

I have also been studying the hojo-no-kata of Jikishinkage-ryu much more. After learning the ura of the kata, the habiki-no-kata I have really started to see how awesome hojo is! If I could get away with it I would just study Ippondori and Hojo all class long. Sadly I don't think anyone would train with me anymore though.

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