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Hello Joe,

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Naga Baba,
As a teacher one must try and balance criticism to a student
i.m.o. I personally am inclined to focus on the positive aspects of a student rather than negative aspects.While I am not a school teacher or a trained educationalist I would suggest to you that
most people will respond to encouragement rather than if the instructor keeps saying 'this/that is incorrect'.
This is very 'western' educational approach.
Joe Curran wrote: View Post
I find it strange that you did not speak or communicate with one of your instructors for the first 8 years.Was it a case that both of you did not have anything to say to each other? Your example is not what I would call a good student /teacher relationship, which I consider to be an important element in the transmission of aikido from teacher to student.Still if the apparent lack of dialogue between him /you suited you , fine.
Cheers, Joe.
I was not in the position to ask questions.


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