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Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Hi, Naga Baba,
Did the demonstrators do anything right? It seems to me you focus is on the negative side.Would you not agree that rather than be really critical , perhaps you could give the guys some encouragement.How about you putting a clip of yourself doing the same ? I would like to see what you would do.The lads doing their
demo deserve a bit of praise for putting the clip online. Cheers, Joe
Hello Joe,
I think all depends how you set the expectations. I'll give you few examples:

When I was young and beautiful(in the middle ages), video was expensive to produce. About 3th kyu I saw myself very first time on video, and I went into the deep depression - I saw so many errors, I couldn't believe it can be true. After that, I promised myself - no more video.

One of my first teachers even didn't remarked my existence first 8 years of my practice. First time he began to talk to me it was after my shodan test.

So when my teacher is pointing my errors I'm very happy - it means he still has a hope I can learn something.This is the best encouragement.


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