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Re: Jo Dori Clip

Great variety in the waza. It depends on the setting as far as throwing the jo. In the video here, I just sort of went with with. This is an unrehearsed demo on a hardwood floor. The black covering is the thin rubber used at dance studios. I prefer to set the jo somewhere so that I am between the jo and uke, and walk in a direction from both of them, so that uke has to reclaim the jo at a safe distance away from me. Like I said, it really depends. In this demo, I wanted to showcase technique without injury, which is hard on a floor with no mats. You'll notice in the randori, there is one part where I had to make a last minute call to sit down on my butt rather than stand erect and throw my uke backwards over my shoulders. Looks like crud, but, safety first.
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