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Re: Dan Harden April Workshop Santa Ana, CA

Hi Guys
I took no offence at Tony calling me an aiki bunny. No need for defense, no need for debate or to respond to his constant derision.
I simply offered Tony to try out his stuff... on me.
The results will just be more of the same;
The people assuming that talking about this stuff equals some ki-fairy in a skirt floating around the room...end up apologizing...and me saying "Don't worry about it"...and we end up making friends.
Ho hum....
The internet can make enemies of people who would otherwise get along famously. I simply cannot imagine some of the people here looking each other in the eye and saying some of the things they say to each other...good grief!

I just got back from Minn. with Don's crew a whole bunch of MMA guys BJJ/stick/knife guys..... I made sure I ate my carrots!
See ya soon
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