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Re: What to do - Telling sensei their waza isn't good any more

Hi All,
This blog is rather sad. Here we have a junior stating that the sensei's skill has deteriorated.The writer does not indicate whether the sensei is mature /injured or in ill health.Now we all face illness , old , and the grim reaper.
Rather than be grateful to this sensei , the writer is more or less saying the sensei is past it.Even if the sensei is past it , the sensei should be given respect .The sensei should also be given assistance.
Is the writer a junior teacher, has he ever taught classes for years?
The responsibility placed on any Sensei is awesome.How would you feel if you were a Sensei going to the dojo night after night , giving your best to your students , and they were in effect receiving the gift of aikido in less than grateful manner?
Rather than be critical, why not be a bit more understanding and compassionate?Why not shoulder some of the burden or offer support to the teacher?
Cheers, Joe.
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