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Re: No touch throwing or muppets in a circle?

Nice meal Randy. Now we're getting nearer the crux of the matter.

Some say you have to disturb the persons center and mind, others say you have to lead their center and mind. Both viewpoints converge on persons center and thus stability and thus also mind 'gone.'

In your examples it took a big ogre and thus fear.

There are so many examples in life of things that have or could take your center or your mind. Think of things that make you nervous for example. The point being that in those states a person could touch you with the lightest of touches and you would fall down for your stability has already left the building. I guarantee someone at some point in your life made you go weak at the knees, now thats pretty much gone.

If you are in motion at these particular times like for instance an object you didn't see on the path whilst you were running then the surprise takes your mind and your stability but it's too late to stop. You hurtle over it and crash to the floor. Thrown by a lump of concrete.

In Aikido it is the motion and energy which takes the opponents mind and center. Aiki motion. The techniques follow and compliment that.

Anyway, simple realities to do with center and mind apparent all around you in your daily life.

Now this has taken my mind long enough.

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