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Re: No touch throwing or muppets in a circle?

Demetrio Cereijo wrote: View Post
Quid pro quo. Your video sparring in full contact MMA against someone who is not a tomato can vs mine.

I didn't say you claimed anything, But I suspect God's existence could be proven scientifically before you step in a MMA gym for real sparring. I'd like to be proven wrong, oh unpronuntiable one.

Tenkan of steel clip is sooooo dated.
I didn't claimed anything, so I don't need to publish video - logic is simple. Don't try to impose me your own duty LOL. For God reference, you didn't understand a joke...


However I read in this thread" " it is not a magic" "I've done there out of aikido context", "It is very simple to do" and similar prancing claims........
I studied with different O sensei direct students in my short life - ALL of them said directly about no touch throws - " I can't do it". Sundennly , here on Aikiweb we discover some exceptional Martial Artists, with higher level of aikido understanding than O sensei direct students. I'd say - It is AMAZING!!!! But my logical brain tells me - watch out, writing words on internet is cheap.

So I said - PROVE IT with video! Technology is cheap and simple, available everywhere.

For the moment all I see is BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH....


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