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Re: No touch throwing or muppets in a circle?

A friend of mine, also a very experienced over 30 yrs. Aikido teacher says to his students that Aikido is the matial art of loving protection. He also points out that for many it is a matial art of self defence.

This is only put here so that we can understand where peoples viewpoints are coming from with understanding rather than opposition.

I think most know which viewpoint I teach from but that doesn't mean I don't understand so called opposition views to mine for to me they are not opposite, they are different.

So now back to the topic at hand and I will make a statement. Yes I can perform a no touch throw on anyone from any martial art of any weight or size or competance.

Does that mean no matter what? No it doesn't for it does depend on the circumstances.

This also doesn't mean like in the examples given by Demetrio for I do not understand them. It does however mostly come under the aspect of Aikido called Kokyu.

Recently I have been training with a thick set muscular guy who is an experienced judoka.

Now an experienced judo man is very used to countering of any attempt to lead and throw and many other aspects of Aikido so are very good training partners. The point here is he was very interested in two things. One was what he felt and the effect on him when his center line was attacked but the other was when I did forms of Kokyu. He loved it and said he'd never experienced anything like it.

He turned into a little kid jumping up all enthusiastic and saying 'do it again, do it again.'

So this is just to say that there are aspects of Aikido where if trained in a person can do it. It's not magic.

Now when I say it depends on the circumstances I mean being aware of what is needed and applicable to the attack or hold and each time it may be different depending on the attack. Therefore there would be many circumstances where doing such a thing people tend to call 'no touch throwing' would not only not fit but also would not work.( I never use that term personally)

So the word is CAN be done.


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