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Diana Frese
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Re: No touch throwing or muppets in a circle?

What Gornall Bell just said.

I think I wrote something similar earlier in this thread, about really good posts on both sides. I was intending to thank Carina for posting Niall's blog entry on Watanabe Sensei, and by the way I wrote one on him myself, having joined later in the year and not knowing about Niall's until after I had posted mine. By the way I had listed Watanabe Sensei as one of my main teachers in my profile.

My husband says sometimes no touch throws do happen in what I may term action sparring, the type he and his brother used to do, he figured out it might sometimes happen,but that's another story. I'm not going to try to duplicate what others have said better than I, and I haven't seen Watanabe Sensei since 1975 and only exchanged a couple of sentences at the dojo and coffee shop in a small group of people, so I'm guessing that the no touch throws in the demo clips were to show the extreme development of leading, etc.

Watanabe Sensei was, and I am sure still is, an excellent teacher. Another guess is, similar to a recommendation years ago someone explained, that weapons are an excellent way, as extensions of the empty hand, to teach the regular empty handed techniques. Likewise, might the no touch ways be a way to teach the extension of the "regular " forms?

As for personal experience I grew to really like teaching katate tori, then gradually go into the leading forms, to make sure students kept paying attention to the connection between uke and nage....

Well, this is probably old stuff to many of you, and I haven't taught much in the past twenty or more years, so I'll defer to the other side of the debate, to be fair.

It may surprise y'all but Tony W. has been helping my husband and myself with advice and training suggestions for quite some time both in the threads to begin with and then via email. Job and home repairs have kept us really busy, let alone winter related .... but when we do get back to training we will include them. They are very valuable.

Chuck likes judo, so Tony's Tomiki style perspective is very interesting to him, athough he also likes what my "lineages" (Francis called my list of teachers "eclectic") have to offer.

Actually it's interesting to both of us. I'm going to include a quote from one of Tony's emails on self defense as soon as I can copy it longhand off the email and then type it onto a post for you to read. I'm still technologically challenged, have dial up video and am very far behind in watching clips people have kindly posted. Furthermore I didn't have time to study how to transfer from email to a web post. Sorry about that. Well, later today for the post, I'm posting this for now...
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