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Re: No touch throwing or muppets in a circle?

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I would agree 99% but I still would not call someone taking ukemi instead of being punched in the nose a throw, as who exactly is throwing who? The person throwing the strike or do you throw yourself?
both, you can't really have one without the other. The type 2 no touch throw works on the level of mind/intent. It only works for real if ukes attack is with intent and purpose, purpose as in a grab to control, a cut or a strike of some kind. Intent in making that attack count. All attacks by uke should be as on balance and centred as possible. Nage's role is to extend his intent into uke before the attack is instigated. When uke makes his attack nage should be in aiki with uke at that point, from then on, if nage can lead ukes mind, then the body has no choice but to follow, uke ends up on the ground as a result. Timing, concentration, proper centered movement, relaxation, intent and bags of practice, simple.

The type 1 throw that can be seen over some distance seem to me be nonsense if only because a real attack would never be initiate from such a distance, therefore, must be working on some other level. I would love to feel that sort of power if it exists. But it does seem that you need your own specially trained students to be that good! My own teacher, could be considered to be the best Ki aikido teacher in the country and he has thrown me with type 2, and a lovely feeling it is too, but not with type 1



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