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Re: No touch throwing or muppets in a circle?

Gornall Bell wrote: View Post
I would agree 99% but I still would not call someone taking ukemi instead of being punched in the nose a throw, as who exactly is throwing who? The person throwing the strike or do you throw yourself?
Dear Gornall,
Your last sentences raise an interesting [I hope ] point.If Uke makes any contact or attempts to attack Tori, considering the basic principles of Aikido, if these are applied correctly the result of Ukes 'attack ' sees Uke neutralised.So in a manner of speaking Uke himself [by virtue of the fact that he is the aggressor ] is the primary architect of his/her own demise.All that Tori does [again in a manner of speaking ] simply makes it easier for Uke to bite the dust.This surely is being benevolent and assisting Uke to restore the balance between both parties.No conflict /no fight.
Cheers, Joe.
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