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Larry Feldman
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Re: No touch throwing or muppets in a circle?

As far as the 'Ki Masters'....Tohei was in the U.S. at a party, and was asked if he could turn the light switch off (that was across the room) using his Ki.

He said 'of course', the room fell silent and he got up, walked across the room and turned the switch. He said that he used his Ki to do it....

As I have done more and more come to hold and moving techniques, and other practice, you do tend to get a better 'feel' about when someone is coming to attack you. Much more work to be done. I look at O'Sensei's skill at that as having been very well defined - he could sense the intention, like you or I could feel a ripple in a calm pool. He just didn't need the pool. Yet still no flaming Ki balls from across the room.

One of these days, hopefully soon I will attempt to make the Ushiro seminar.
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