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Re: No touch throwing or muppets in a circle?

Gornall Bell wrote: View Post
Sorry if you think I was being sarcastic. But I've seen a lot of so called masters in TCMA's whose techniques work fine on their own students but when a non student is introduced they fail miserably. For example there was a video doing the rounds of Leung Ting (wing tsun GM) being owned by a member of an invited audience to one of his demo's, not to mention all the Gracie challenge vids that can be found on you-tube.
Is this the Ushiro Sensei you were talking about? If it is I think that is someone I would really like to train under at some point!

My apologies for misinterpreting. The Ushiro Sensei in that video is the person I train under. I fully agree with you regarding a degree of complicity that can occur within a system. I always look to see if it can work with someone without any experience or knowledge as to what will happen.


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