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Re: No touch throwing or muppets in a circle?

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post

I appreciate the sarcasm in that I typically enjoy and use that sense of humor myself. I then take things one step further and go out and find out if I am right or I am wrong. Let's see, I still study directly with Imaizumi Sensei and I study directly with Ushiro Sensei. The first is easy, I just go to NYC. The second person entails me going to Japan several times a year and bringing him here several times a year. In other words, my initial skepticism and base mindset were wrong. Funny things is, both of those teachers seem to have no problems demonstrating those skills on anybody. If the person has not acted in a self-preserving manner, then techniques are simply not necessary..... Please feel free to test people out for yourself. I would particularly recommend that you test Ushiro Sensei out. I always love to watch a good show ! Venture out across the pond, Ushiro Sensei will be at my dojo next week. I am sure that you will have no problem disproving his "skills". Then again, if you are wrong, I am sure you would have no problem acknowledging that as well.


Marc Abrams
Sorry if you think I was being sarcastic. But I've seen a lot of so called masters in TCMA's whose techniques work fine on their own students but when a non student is introduced they fail miserably. For example there was a video doing the rounds of Leung Ting (wing tsun GM) being owned by a member of an invited audience to one of his demo's, not to mention all the Gracie challenge vids that can be found on you-tube.
Is this the Ushiro Sensei you were talking about? If it is I think that is someone I would really like to train under at some point!
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