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Re: Tanto Practice - Is true Aikido effective for disarming?

Michael Hackett wrote: View Post
There was nothing apparent about my lack of comprehension. You use slang that I think I understand, but don't want to make that assumption. "A bit shirty", "pulling my pl....r", "working his ticket", "bit of a mug" were all beyond my experience. I took from context that you meant he was becoming confrontational, actually only joking, becoming a bully, and beheld you as an easy victim.

We have our own little phrases as well and our cousins across the pond can sometimes be equally bewildered. For example, we don't have ex-Marines. Ours are always Marines whether currently serving or having formerly served.

Unfortunately I am culturally stilted and the only rapper I understand is Kid Rock and that isn't a constant.
Dear Michael,
You are correct in respect of the meaning of slang phrases I used. I am sure I would get the drift of any U.S.A. phrase [having been in your fair country loads of times].
Regarding the Marines , thanks for the clarification.My U.S.A.
aikido colleague would be by your definition a formerly served member of the service.
In respect of rap , I am also culturally stilted in this department.
I am more a Roy Orbison , Elvis fan.Hope we can bridge the lanquage barrier!! I also hope you are well. Good to hear from you,
All the best , Joe
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