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Re: Tanto Practice - Is true Aikido effective for disarming?

Hi everyone,
The question posed by the initial writer is this-is true aikido effective for disarming knife attacks?The answer is yes.However
the point I am making is this , are we doing true aikido?Some may well be doing so, others no.
I also consider any attack be it empty hand or knife or whatever has got to be faced with a very determined mind set. If confronted by a bad scene you cannot afford to be complacent.You must be totally aware of your surroundings, use your common sense, assess the situation and if humanly possible ,get the hell out Kincaid as John Wayne might say.If you cant avoid the situation use whatever it takes to finish the job asap.Aikido demos are not truly representative of what takes place outside the dojo.
As it happens I was out with my missus and a pal in a local bar tonight and this guy got a bit shirty with me.At first I thought he was pulling my pl-----r.I soon realised he was working his ticket. I guess he thought I was a bit of a mug .Anyway after a brief exchange of 'friendly dialogue 'he left rather sharply.Fortunately it didnt come to blows. The rest of the pub clientele were a little bit taken back.Moral of the story-sometimes when you are in a good mood , some prat tries it on,so as a good friend of mine [a certain American ex marine] says ,maintain constant vigilance and eternal suspicion.
Cheers, Joe.
Ps For the benefit of the fellow Geordies amongst our readers
the bar was the Salutation Arms, Tynemouth.
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