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Jim Vance (jimvance) wrote:
1) Could you elaborate on this a bit, and

2) cite the "leading light".
Just lost the detailed answer to this I spent 20 minutes on to some system problem. This answer will be shorter. Sorry.

1) Not sure on just what you'd like me to elaborate. In precis if the item on your lesson plan following IKKYO is NIKYO and the students can't do IKKYO right, forget NIKYO and delve more deeply into IKKYO.

2) It's an irascible Sourbonne-educated Egyptian named Caleb Gattegno. His stuff is pretty hard to get into. I'd recommend reading one of his cheerleaders, Earl Stevick. Both are available in my library, maybe yours, too. Failing that, there's interlibrary loan. Gattegno's stuff is "out of print" or "hard to find" at Amazon, though.

Don J. Modesto
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