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graham christian
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Re: No touch throwing or muppets in a circle?

Matt Morris wrote: View Post
Well maybe he has. I also watched a clip on Youtube the other night of a baby laughing, it made me laugh - that effected me.

Maybe it is the Quantum Effect whereby one particle despite having no physical conatct with another effects it. A proven scientific principle.

Perhaps we should enlist a quantum physicist to look at it all?
Hi Matt.
I agree with no touch throwing but the type you describe as someone feet away waving his hand and the uke falling over I disagree with as far as Aikido goes.

The no touch throw I am talking about and consider a great part of Aikido is kokyunage albeit an 'advanced' kokyunage.

The scene you describe I have seen on the net and it's called Ki. This I disagree with and yet if I was to allow the possibility of it being real then I would put it under the heading of mesmerism.

Advanced kokyu gets accused of uke collusion yet that just shows me a lack of reality on kokyu by those who think that. On the other hand those mesmeric demonstrations are due to a collusion taught to the students much like a hypnotist telling you what to do.

So quantum physics may be able to verify the effect of Kokyu, which I may add follows a principle of joining and being with rather than standing at a distance. However a hypnotist or some expert in mesmerism I sure could explain your example.

That's my take on it.

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