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Re: Kingfisher Bokken

I am going to begin the first phase of Jo tapping tonight. I have a seminar to attend on the 17th and I'd like it to be ready by then. I've decided to get the Aiki Ken in a couple of months when I save up enough money. It does look gorgeous.

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I've put ~ 5 years of countless hard strikes on my Iwama style Kingfisher grade 7 bokken. I love it. Sensei says I need to get a real Iwama style bokken - meaning the Kingfishers is not 'correct'. I have not pressed for a specifc detailed answer as to exactly why it is not right but in terms of shape and balance it essentially is identical to senseis so all that is left is the coloration (gorgeous compared to lame old kashi if you as me) and feel.

The strong impression I got was I'd never get the weapons right until I get a correct bokken. I am mystified by this.
Perhaps you should ask your Sensei what is wrong with your Bokken. Besides, I wasn't aware that there was a correct Bokken for Aikido.

Surely it shouldn't matter what style of Bokken you have, its the person who wields the weapon, not the weapon itself.

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