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Re: No touch throwing or muppets in a circle?

Hi Folks,
If as uke I was intent on [for example ] on making jodan tsuki to Tori and Tori preempted my thrust and made an atemi to my face I think I would be inclined to bite the dust rather than have a non surgical nose job done on me with a fist .However in terms of maai I would not attempt to rearrange my partners nose if I am not within distance.Neither would I expect to be felled by Tori at a distance of ten /12 ft .Like Mr Ellis I have never been thrown in manner expressed by the no touch type Shihans. I have of course [as my nasal profile will tell you]been subjected to many a premptive clip on my classic John Barrymore nose.Hence my comments about doing a ukemi to escape a potential bash on the nose.Common sense I say.Better to bite the dust than to look like Rocky Balboa.
Cheers, Joe.
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