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Re: No touch throwing or muppets in a circle?

John Burn's post explains no touch throws as far as I would ever be willing to go. I've done throws like that and seen them done and they weren't faked, though I would honeslty never depend on something like that in a confrontation. It's a good teaching tool and example of how your ki can affect another person without actually touching them.

IMO there are two ki's these days, much like there are several aikido's. You have the the whole "feel good" ki, ie, "he has very positive ki". And then there is what I would consider to be usable ki, aka, intent. If you put your hands up and mentally prepare yourself to receive a push to your hands, you are extending ki, extending your intent. There's really nothing mystical about that at all and you find that same type of thing being used in any number of sports or activities. If you condition your body and mind properly then you have a structure that can relaxedly support itself and via extending ki in all directions at all times, is always in balance and able to absorb (trying to avoid getting too long winded here) forces, regardless of their direction.
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