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Re: Some Ki Tests

You know what? I thoroughly agree with most of what you said.

My original intention when I first made them, a totally new experience for me, was so that the students could see how they looked and learn from the outside so to speak.

I told them I would put them on youtube so that they all had access to them.

When I put some on here is when I found out I had some big assumptions. I thought everyone would know what I was doing as if they all had the same view as me. In retrospect quite dumb.

I was actually quite confused and yet amused by some of the vitriole if that's not too strong a word. I think it was the too and fro with George Ledyard and his reasoning he was giving to others that led me to realise my mistake and thus responsibility when posting a video.

In fact at times it felt no different to the dojo when handling multiple attacks and yet keeping center and moving into each one with a technique. Hence the fun for me yet off the mat so to speak wondering what I had done or not done to cause those attacks. All good training.

When I said I find the videos done by Ginny Breeland as the best type I now meant as a clear explanitory video. I find they are simple, principles are explained and the how those principles are used in action, in technique are there. Pretty much as you say a good video should be when presented to others for such purpose.

It's all good.

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