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Michael Hackett
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Re: Kingfisher Bokken

No argument there, Cliff. Mine are about two years old now and I think the time spent surfacing hardening them has paid off. I check my weapons for dents, splinters, cracks and the like each time I pick them up and can feel slight denting after a lot of hard use, but nothing really visible. I can "see" the dents after I feel them.

The surface hardening process takes some time, or at least it did me. I used a long screwdriver with a plastic handle to tap all the impact surfaces literally hundreds of times in three phases. The first was light tapping, then moderate tapping, and then hard striking. It took me about a month to do as I had to wait until I had the house to myself as the tapping would drive any spectator insane.

If and when it becomes necessary I will look into the enhanced products, but I'm sure I will stick with Kingfisher in any event.

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