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Re: Some Ki Tests

I'll bite...

I think these types of videos cause trouble. As best, the exercises are valid but with no explanation to accompany them. At worst, the exercises are bogus and published for all to see.

I am a firm advocate to solidly explain what is going on in a video. It's just too easy to mistake something and aikido already has some pretty unexplainable stuff going on...we don't need to muddy the waters. I appreciate sharing the video but we need to be careful we are sharing stuff that helps, not hurts... Yes, that means multiple takes, scripted practice, and attention to detail - not to mention editing and voice-overs. I understand this video is more raw than a finished product, but if we are sharing important information I would like it to be.

I think Graham's post touched upon some good points of training that we should include in our aikido. I am not sure if the exercises I saw represent the principles as well as they should. However, we are all human and we sometimes don't look as good as we think we do. I think if Graham is claiming these are exercises build good principle we need to disclose just how correctly they are being performed. I think I read some other posts that pointed out some issues in technique, I would second those remarks.

As for the exercises, I see similarities to some more popular exercises used for the same purposes. I appreciate Graham sharing his exercises.
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