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Dave Plaza
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Name this exercise, and is it beneficial?

Hi folks,

I am trying to find out the name of an exercise, could you please help?

It consists of being in a standing position and imaging you are holding a ball in front of you between both hands. You then move your hands around this imaginary invisible ball, keeping an equal space between your hands... I think you can increase or decrease the space between your hands, and I think you also keep the imaginary ball in front of your center so that when you twist to the left or right it remains attached to an imaginary line from your center...

Apologies for this explanation but i've only seen this technique once, the guy I asked about it said it was called "shotoque", that's his spelling, and it maybe his phonetic spelling. I've had no luck googling it.

Also if you can decipher my explanation and know this technique, how is it beneficial?

Many thanks


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