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Charles Hill
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Re: Zen in the Art of Aikido

Thanks for asking, I appreciate it. Things are fine here, just a slight underlying stress due to the Fukushima problem. But not as bad as I hear it is in Tokyo.


I trained at Hombu from the mid to late 90's. When I was able to get to Arikawa Sensei's class, it was always the same. Sensei would show a technique using Niall as uke while mumbling. Then he would go to the front left side of the dojo and talk to an older gentleman. I saw very little interaction with the class.

For me, a really interesting thing was that Niall was a favorite uke of Watanabe Sensei's as well. From what I could see, you could not get any different than Arikawa Sensei and Watanabe Sensei. I am sure Niall has many amazing insights and I am looking forward to this column.
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