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John Brockington
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Re: playing with weight and a question

Hey Phi-

I agree with you in that the feet are not necessarily the focal point of load bearing. The ground is, or should be. And of course, dantien/tanden is the control point/initiation point for movement.

But in his post, Hunter was asking about why he doesn't feel the load of his upper body in his dantien, and I was suggesting that maybe that shouldn't be the focus.

The dantien has to be supported by something itself, doesn't it? Feet on the ground, backside on the ground, opponent on the ground- all the same, all support dantien, right? Dantien moves the load of upper body, but the ultimate support is whatever is on the ground, so dantien isn't the main support structure, just the steering wheel.

On the other hand, maybe my dantien is so underdeveloped, my concepts are wrong.

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