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Re: playing with weight and a question

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No offense Dan, but why drop into a thread to take a vague passive-aggressive shot at "someone" when you're not interested in discussing anything anyway? Also, a lot of us, most probably, don't claim or care to claim any affiliation, so insightful discussion is still welcome here for those who can be bothered to participate.
I was not making any passive agressive comment. I was definitive and clear. You are going to find yourselves talking to yourselves or to people who don't know the subject. More and more people are discovering what the fall out is for having anything to do with your group.
Your peers have the freedom to say what you want about people behind their backs.
We have the right to develop an opinion and decide to avoid those affiliated with you.
It seems ironic for us to be the recipient of so much vitriol and then be chastised again for daring to acknowledge it. Did you guys think you can do or say anything you want and get a free pass? I say have the guts and honesty to do and say and approve of what is being the light of day. That way we all know where you and your friends stand and who to avoid.
You asked why so many who can share information with you won't reply. Now you know. I hardly think that me explaining why people are avoiding you warrants further attacks. It is what you made it to be.
Good luck with the outcome.
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