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Re: playing with weight and a question

I am not familiar with the terminology you are using. I am also not familiar with the terminology of internal power. However I am familiar with the concept of which you are talking.

Relaxing and allowing weight to go down. To difeerenciate between 'dantien' or center and even hara I teach and practice this and explain it as Koshi.

Now even if you are at this moment sitting in a chair and you relax and let the weight go down through the chair to earth. Of course have good posture as you do this.(center line) (basically you are aligning with gravity)

Notice as you do this the relaxation allows the energy to go straight down through the bottom of the spine, where the spine meets the hip. Koshi is the back of the hip, not as a lot of westerners call the hip which makes them feel hip equals the sides.

It actually feels like a space is opening at that point at the back of the hip.

It is from that point rather than center that you develope this particular aspect. Every time you tense up that koshi you lose connection or block the path of that power.

Hope this helps. G.
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