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Re: playing with weight and a question

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
You don't know why?
I am reasonably certain few, (if any at all) outside of your own association who know anything, at any level... will be much interested in talkng, once certain affilliations are made known. A reasonable person may ask "Why people who claim in writing to be thee source for internal power on the web- are here asking anyone, anything at all?"
I am not interested in a discussion or debate and bear no ill will. I just thought you should at least be told why.
No offense Dan, but why drop into a thread to take a vague passive-aggressive shot at "someone" when you're not interested in discussing anything anyway? Also, a lot of us, most probably, don't claim or care to claim any affiliation, so insightful discussion is still welcome here for those who can be bothered to participate.
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