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Re: Zen in the Art of Aikido

Charles Hill wrote: View Post
Nice column Niall, thanks!

I am hoping in the future you will write on what you learned from Arikawa Sensei. I remember when I attended his classes, he would always mumble and I could not make out a word he was saying.

Heh, that sounds like a classic case of "Oyaji Nihongo" .

I would also be interested to hear more about Arikawa Sensei, given his association with the Daito Ryu community. I believe he put Stanley Pranin in touch with some DR people?

RE: Zen and Aikido, are there any Aikidoka who regularly practice zazen? I've heard the term "hollow body" ("Ku dou") referred to by Zen practicioners, ever heard of this term?

I also recall an article by David Lynch where talked about a zen monk watching a demo given by Gozo Shioda. The monk exclaimed that Shioda was demonstrating "Mushin".

Charles, how are things in Mishima? I hope you have escaped the worst of recent events.
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